On the 20th anniversary of SAAOL Heart Centre, Dr Bimal Chhajer M.D. is proud to launch a social movement to provide high quality medicines at reasonable prices to all its SAAOL family members

Welcome to Saaol Pharma

Saaol Pharma Pvt Ltd is a social endeavour to provide high quality medicines at reasonable prices. It is a gift by Dr Bimal Chhajer to all the SAAOL Family members on the completion of 20 years of SAAOL in September 2015.

SPPL is now making around 20 high quality medicines and shall continue to add to its bouquet in the near future. All medicines have gone through rigorous testing and have been approved for its purity by NABL accredited laboratories before being offered to the patients. copies of test reports for all batches shall alway be available online for downloading for our patients.

We hope to reduce the financial burden that a heart disease brings upon a family without compromising with the quality of medicines. Our medicines can cost upto 50% less than those of the normally recommended medicines.

How To Order Medicine